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Thursday Threads with Author Elle Hill!

Today’s featured author is Elle Hill, who has written the novel, The Tithe.


The Tithe
By Elle Hill

Genre: Science fiction romance
Heat level: Sensuous
Back blurb:

“Every seven years, seven persons from each of the ten towns must go into the desert, where they will enter into the realm of Elovah, their God.”
No one knows exactly what happens to these seventy Tithes, but everyone knows who:  the “unworkables,” those with differing physical and mental capacities. Joshua Barstow, raised for twenty years among her town’s holy women, is one of these seventy Tithes. She is joined by the effervescent Lynna, the scholarly Avery, and the amoral Blue, a man who has spent most of his life in total solitude.
Each night, an angel swoops down to take one of their numbers. Each night, that is, except the first, when the angel touches Josh… and leaves her. What is so special about Josh? She doesn’t feel special; she feels like a woman trying to survive while finally learning the meanings of friendship, community, and love.
How funny that she had to be sacrificed to find reasons to live.


The lights in the Great Room went out.
No flickers, no dimming, no sizzling sounds—nothing. Just darkness where light used to be.
A man cried out and several people gasped.
“It’s all right, everyone,” Marcus called. Really, he was beginning to annoy Josh, too. He didn’t know that. No one did. “I’m sure this has—”
A whooshing sound, like air displaced, sliced through the room. For a tiny, tense moment, no one spoke.
“Is it an angel?” a child’s voice asked.
Several voices broke out then, some in shouts, some in startled cries, one or two in terror.
Just like the night before, the fold and crack of feathered wings in motion breathed through the room. Weak light from the multiple hallways leaked through the perimeters. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the sudden darkness, Josh found she could identify vague outlines.
Someone a few seats down leapt to her feet and hurled herself toward Josh, perhaps seeking the sterile safety of the kitchen. She stumbled over Josh’s outstretched legs and hurtled to the ground. Josh gasped in pain.
And still, the snap and sigh of wings overhead.
Josh wanted to stand up, to defend herself. She wanted to shrink into the upholstery, to make herself as small as possible. In the end, she sat still, trembling in indecision.
“The angels!” someone cried in something like terror, or perhaps ecstasy.
“Keep them away from me!” Someone—she thought it might be Len—shrieked.
Several people jumped to their feet and pushed their way through the room, seeking some kind of safety. The woman who’d tripped over Josh lay whimpering on the ground.
Whump, whump . . .
A warm arm encircled Josh’s shoulder. She shrieked before realizing it belonged to Blue. The baggy sleeves of his black tunic partially covered her head. She turned to him, and he pressed her closer.
I don’t think I want to court you, she remembered him saying, and almost sprayed laughter. Who knew they’d practically snuggle later that day?
The thump of wings grew closer. An outline of a human-sized object hurtled through the air and the darkness toward her. What had to be its wings spread around it, moving and tilting. Some stray ray of light gleamed whitely off the area where eyes should be. They seemed fixed directly on her.


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Spotlight On…Carly Jordynn’s Forest of the Mist: Awakening!

Today I’m interviewing fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Carly Jordynn, about her novels, Forest of the Mist: Awakening.


Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I started writing following my divorce in 1994. I wrote the first book in long hand as I didn’t own a computer at the time. That book is safely tucked away until it gets a major rewrite. In 2009, I got the idea for the Forest of the Mist series and started writing it.

Q: Tell us about your road to publication.

A: This has been a long journey. When I first wrote Travelers, book one in the Forest of the Mist series, I sent it off to some of the best agents in the industry. I was confident they would fall all over themselves wanting my book. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that a great idea will only get you so far. I think that book was edited a million and three times. When I queried Debby at Soul Mate Publishing, she really liked the book, but they didn’t have a place for it at the time. They didn’t rep young adult or time travel. I kept in touch with Debby and when Soul Mate began to offer time travel romance, I was offered a contract.

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

A: This one is easy. Edit within an inch of your life and then edit some more. I had so many agents and editors tell me that they loved the concept of my book, but my writing needed work. One was kind enough to go through the first three chapters and point out what was wrong with my manuscript. The feedback was so valuable. I rewrote it again and that is when things started happening. After you edit your book, have a friend read through it. Try to find a school teacher if you can. They will catch a lot of the punctuation errors that you missed. If you are self-publishing, hire the professional editor. It’s worth the money in the end. Do not send off your manuscript without that final edit. Also, learn how to write a kicking query letter, synopsis, blurb, and hook.

Q: Tell us about your latest release.

A: My latest release comes out in August. It is Awakening, book two in the Forest of the Mist series. The story picks up where book one left off. The “travelers” are waking from their comas and resuming a normal life. Characters from book one are followed, but it is the story of Jennifer that is followed the closest. She awakens from the coma only to discover that her husband from the alternate realm is dead, their son should be a toddler, but has crazy growth spurts as a result of being conceived and born in an alternate realm, and she learns that her dead husband has ordered her to marry Lily’s ex-boyfriend, Alex McGuire, a man she is not fond of.

Forest of the Mist: Awakening

ALEX McGUIRE never dreamed his life would take such a turn. His plan to complete college, become a lawyer, and marry his girlfriend, LILY LAVERY, tanked following his kidnapping to the alternate realm known as Paradise Valley. Now Alex has been ordered by a dead man, DAVID KYLE, to marry his young wife, JENNIFER BURKE KYLE, and raise their infant son, DAVY KYLE, as his own. That would be a great plan if it weren’t for the fact that Jennifer is still in a coma, has never met him, and her son has some strange attributes too.

JENNIFER BURKE KYLE woke from the coma to the realization that she was a widow and the mother of a young son who could read minds, create portals to an alternate realm, and have unforeseen growth spurts when he is in or near Paradise Valley. As if that wasn’t enough, a complete stranger has stated he is to marry her and raise her son as his own. All on the order of her dead husband, David.

DAVY KYLE was tickled pink that Alex McGuire would be his Dad and couldn’t wait for his mother to wake from the coma so the wedding could take place. What Davy didn’t see, was the trouble in the form of PRI, otherwise known as the Percival Research Institute. PRI agents were after his family and it was going to be up to Davy to hide them all until it was safe.

Together, Alex, Jennifer, Davy, and their friends from Paradise Valley, must join together to keep the family safe, destroy PRI, and protect the still comatose COLIN O’BRIEN, the last member of their Paradise Valley family. With the help of student nurse, DEANA COOK, they may just succeed in their plan and find happiness along the way.

About the Author

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind blew the small car all over the road as the young couple rushed to the hospital. Twelve hours later, Carly Jordynn was born. Life has been a rollercoaster ever since.

Carly Jordynn is a writer from Northern Kentucky who loves to weave tales of fantasy, paranormal, and romance. When she isn’t writing a book, she writes lyrics for the Christian band, Phil Parks and One Step Closer.

Carly loves to travel. You can find her at various conferences and other author events throughout the year. Her hobbies include: travel, photography, reading, party-planning, dinner with friends, and hanging out with her family.

Carly is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Keep in Touch with Carly!

Buy Links:
Forest of the Mist: Travelers

Sasha Bishop: Retired Slayer

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