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A Haunting Look at New Orleans…


Of all the major holidays, Halloween has always been the one I find the most fascinating. Since Jordan James, the main character of my first novel, “Cold Ambition,” hails from the Crescent City, I wanted to take a moment to discuss All Hallow’s Eve and its cultural impact on New Orleans. If you take the time to look into New Orleans’ history, there are many words that can be used to describe it, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll stick with colorful. This colorful city has been home to many interesting individuals, from pirates and politicians to ghosts, vampires, and witches. What makes New Orleans so unique is the fact that Halloween is not the only day where darkness reigns in the Big Easy. Ghost and vampire tours run year round. But to get the full, ghoulish experience, Halloween is the best time to visit, for both the festivities and the weather. Voodoo Fest is a fall favorite as is the Anne Rice Vampire Ball. Countless books, films, and songs have been written about this colorful city whose main export is a good time. And while New Orleans does have a haunting past, it is this past that makes it what it is: a city rich in culture and history that is proud of its past, both the good and the bad. If you have a chance, take a trip to the Crescent City one Halloween and experience New Orleans’ culture at its best. I promise it’ll be an experience to write home about…Happy Halloween!


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