Spotlight On…D.R. Grady’s Nerds Unite!

18 Aug

This week I’m spotlighting author D.R. Grady about her new release, Nerds Unite!

Nerds Unite cover

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Ever since elementary school when I first learned the magic of putting words together to form sentences and then paragraphs, and finally, a story. I’ve been writing toward the goal of publication since 1998.

Q: Tell us about your road to publication.

A: I found an agent and after a time, she encouraged many of us on her list to self-publish. So I published two series, The Me Series which is contemporary romance with suspense elements and complete. The other, The Morrison Family series, is on-going and nerd-centric. J Nerds Unite is book 10 of The Morrison Family Series.

Since then, I’ve been published by a small press in paranormal romance, The Dragon Chronicles series, and I have several more series at various stages (from still brewing to ready to sell) of development, so stay tuned…

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

A: Finish the book!

Q: Tell us about your latest release.

A: Nerds Unite is one of those stories that wrote itself. Love those! I adore Leo de Vosse and Katy Greene. They’re best friends but I wanted this to be different than the usual what-if-we-mess-up-our-relationship best friends story. So I wondered what would happen if they were dating but didn’t know? And Nerds Unite was born.

Leo and Katy are so comfortable together they don’t even realize they’re dating. It took a stalker to make them realize things aren’t quite what they seem. Once they figure out they are dating, they need to decide what comes next in their relationship.

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Life is full of promise for Katy Greene. New town. New job. New BFF. Everything is great…except for the creepy feeling that someone is watching her. 

After they confirm Katy’s stalker is real, she has some explaining to do to BFF Leo de Vosse. Not to mention some explaining to herself. When did her feelings for Leo turn into something more than friendship? The stakes are high as she fights for her life with the stalker, and for her heart with Leo.


Something snicked with ruthless precision, and the sound of a blade leaving the sheath caught her attacker’s attention. Anyone familiar with blades should recognize that sound. It wasn’t a scalpel, but the streetlights still glinted off the deadly blade. Katy had never seen a switchblade before but there was no mistaking this one.

“Don’t come any closer,” Chrissy warned in guttural tones.

Katy couldn’t see her face, but the other woman’s stiff, ready-to-pounce body language conveyed her intent. A vast amount of Katy’s fear leeched out. It was apparent Chrissy knew exactly how to use the weapon in her hand. A hand that remained steady and confident.

Skirting around her bodyguard so she could see Chrissy’s face, more of Katy’s fear fled. Never before had she seen such savage eyes.

They advertised Chrissy’s intent as effectively as a billboard. Even Freid faltered. He halted at first sight of the lethal blade. Or maybe it was the harshness in Chrissy’s demeanor.

“Just hand over Dr. Greene and nothing will happen to you.” Freid resorted to his reasonable voice.

Chrissy slashed his wrist, the one holding the scalpel. He yelped and dropped the sharp instrument, jumping away from her.

“Back off or I’ll use this again,” Chrissy warned in that same harsh tone, at odds with her usual melodious inflection.

Her hand didn’t so much as quiver.

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About the Author:

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.


Twitter: @drgradybooks

Amazon Author page:

Facebook Page: D.R. Grady

Google+: D.R. Gradybooks


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2 responses to “Spotlight On…D.R. Grady’s Nerds Unite!

  1. drgrady

    August 18, 2016 at 11:42 AM

    Thank you so much for hosting me, Rachel. I really appreciate this opportunity.

    • Rachel Sharpe

      August 18, 2016 at 12:30 PM

      You’re so welcome! Thanks for being here and happy sales!


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