Spotlight On…Neva Brown’s A Pretty Penny

25 Oct

Today I’m interviewing fellow Soul Mate Publishing author Neva Brown on her novel, A Pretty Penny.

APrettyPenny_400 (7)

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I’ve been writing all my adult life (a LONG time), but most of it was done in the workplace. I wrote grants, curriculum, proposals, all the things that go along with being a teacher and administrator in public school. After I retired and joined a writers’ club, I became interested in writing romance with a happy-ever-after. It has been a fun challenge.

Q: Tell us about your road to publication.

A: I had never considered trying to get published until I joined a critique group made up of writers who were serious about being published. With their help and encouragement, I set out on the adventure. I had a few rejections, but one day that special email came. I signed a contract. Learning to work with an editor was a new challenge. Thankfully, I had a very helpful editor, and, lo and behold, I became a published author.

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

A: I would advice an aspiring author to write every day, to join a good support, read current articles on “how-to” in his or her chosen genre, go to workshop if possible, join a critique group, take and give critiques in a professional manner (always be kind and honest).

Q: Tell us about your latest release.

A: A PRETTY PENNY sizzles with tension of the “I’ll –show-you” kind from the beginning. Penny Jones lost her will to live when her husband was killed, but Clayton Brandt, with his abrasive, insensitive ways, makes her so angry she puts all her talents, skills, and considerable intellect to work to show him just how wrong he is. These two very different personalities have a tough time finding their way to their happy-ever-after. Government agents, vindictive women, moral issues, and ever so many things beset them. Love meets and defeats some really scary enemies as it shepherds Penny and Clayton along their way to happiness.


Wealthy, arrogant Clayton Brandt knows well what a woman costs. Not until Penelope (Penny) Jones comes into his life does he know the value of a woman.
Angry at Clayton, her new boss, Penny snaps out of the lethargy and puts to use all her innate abilities, learned skills, and intuitiveness to cope with the overbearing Clayton and the women in his life. Penny falls in love with him, but will not become one of his women—on his terms.
On her terms, they marry only to be parted by federal agents. The ensuing intrigue, danger, and antic of Clayton’s ex-wife play a part in Penny being in eminent danger. Even after their love survives all this, a letter from a vindictive woman who is dead devastates Clayton and nearly destroys his hope for happiness.
A PRETTY PENNY is a breath-holding adventure at times and a breathtaking love story at other times.


Clayton stormed through the door in a rage. He was dirty, face blistered, and anger oozed from every pore in his body.
“Ms. Jones, get into my office. You have some explaining to do. I knew the minute I laid eyes on you that you were trouble. How you pulled the wool over Wilma’s eyes, I’ll never know, but it doesn’t really matter, since your stint at Brandt Enterprises is probably going to be the shortest on record.”
She followed him through the door. When he turned to glare at her, she was standing stone-still framed by the light of the outer office. Her blonde hair looked like a halo around her pixie face that was white but calm as she waited. Her pale blue T shirt and gauzy broomstick skirt reflected enough of the light to make her look not quite real. He wanted to take her in his arms and absorb that heavenly quiet calm that seemed to protect her. Heaven help him! He needed peace and peace could not be found.
Angry at himself now for letting his thoughts be diverted, he all but shouted “I’ve spent the last few days shouting over the roar of welding machines trying to pacify three temperamental old geezers that call themselves artists. I’d expected to find peace and quiet when I got home, but no such luck. Just what did you do or say to Velma? She’s been in bed with a migraine since her encounter with you. She says you were completely disrespectful to her and that she will not tolerate you in her house. Now speak up, and it better be good.”
“I was not aware that I was living in her house,” Penny said.
He had caught his breath….

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Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers.

Neva spent most of her life on West Texas ranches and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They enjoy visits from their two sons and their families, are always delighted to hear from old friends, and are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living.
Her social media efforts still need work, but she can be found at:

Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at


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