Spotlight On…Larynn Ford’s Rescued

28 Jul

Today I’m interviewing fellow Soul Mate Publishing author Larynn Ford’s novel, Rescued.


Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I wrote the first words of my first book, In My Wildest Dreams, on June 12, 2009. The idea of writing had been bubbling around in my head for some time and I decided I’d never know if I didn’t try. I kept at it for a few months, writing in my spare time, and finally had the finished product. It took another few months to find out what my next step was but I was blessed to be published on April 16, 2013.

Q: Tell us about your road to publication.

A: After getting my feet wet with the actual writing process, I submitted to a couple of publishers and received a nice, ‘no thanks’ from them. Ouch! Was rejection what I had to look forward to for all my efforts?

I had joined RWA and was thumbing through the monthly magazine when I found a Soul Mate Publishing ad toward the back, calling for submissions. So, I gave it another try, and lo and behold…someone was interested. I was told if I could rework the beginning, they would like to read the full. In My Wildest Dreams was published and now my second book, Rescued, has been released!

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

A: I would never advise my way was the best way or the only way, but, I would say, if you desire to write, do it. Write as often and as much as you can. Talk with other writers. You’ll find they have the same feelings, desires, ups, and downs as you. You are not alone. Then, if your desire is to be published, take a deep breath, and submit. No one’s going to knock on your door and ask if you happen to have written something they can read. Submit.


Fiercely independent and determined to be taken seriously in a man’s world, PI Rose Baxter will do whatever it takes to find the kids who are disappearing from the streets and bring them home safe, even teaming up with PI Marty Brown, a man hot enough to burn whatever part of her gets too close – her fingers, her sheets, her life, and her other nature’s whiskers.
But her other nature knows whiskers grow back and will accept nothing less than this man as her mate for life, a plan Marty’s all in on. Sparks fly when she refuses to be the little woman. Besides, those kids need her and their time’s running out. But, thrown together 24/7 can she fight it?


“Oscar just called. The SUV’s have left the park and headed west out of town. I’ve called the police to come and pick her up. I’m assuming you’ll be pressing charges for kidnapping?” Logan had handcuffed Mabel and planted her in a chair. June stood ready in case she tried to escape.

“I want a few minutes with her first.” Rose turned to Mabel. Her nostrils flared and the fire from her inner animal flashed in her eyes. No, as much as she’d like to, she wouldn’t inflict the bodily harm this woman so deserved for her part in this whole scheme. She’d like to body slam the bitch to the floor, but her daddy had taught her the self-control she needed to work this job and work it right.

Getting some answers now was her primary concern. She wanted answers. While she wouldn’t physically injure the woman, she wasn’t above scaring the crap out of her to get the information she needed.

Mabel sneered at her and rolled her eyes. “And just what do you intend to do with your few minutes? Do you think I’m afraid of a mousy little thing like you? Oh, help, the little mousy girl is going to scare me,” she humphed in a mocking tone.

“Oh hell,” Marty said. He adjusted the hat on his head, glanced Logan’s way with a y’all best look out expression, and stepped back out of the way to give Rose room to work.

“June bug. Move back, honey,” Logan said as her steered his wife to the corner by the door and positioned his body, brick wall style in front of her for her own safety, just like an alpha male. Everyone read Marty’s message loud and clear.

Mabel’s expression changed from glaring sarcasm to certain fear as she watched the woman she had labeled as little make her way slowly toward her.

Rose’s eyes narrowed and focused on the woman. Her hands flexed from tight, curled fists to stiff, extended fingers, and back again. Her nails lengthened, exposing her razor sharp claws as she stepped over to the mouthy woman. Her eyes never left her target.

She leaned down to bring herself nose to nose with the evil before her. “Where are you really taking these kids and what are you going to do with them?” She spoke in an even voice, accentuating every syllable.

An increasing layer of fear replaced the smug expression on Mable’s face. “You- you don’t scare me,” she stuttered. “I’m not telling you anything.” She attempted to bring her tough side back to the surface but was less than convincing.

Rose placed one petite hand on Mabel’s shoulder and pressed down. She held back to a mere vise-like grip. Not the bone crushing strength she was more than capable of using.

Mabel sucked in a pained breath and flinched back, drawing on her last bit of resolve. “We know you’re not normal. You’re some kind of freak with super blood. Don’t think we won’t come after you again.” She let out an injured cry from the pressure applied to her shoulder. “You’ll pay for this!”


Author Bio:

Larynn Ford began reading romance in her early teens and became interested in writing in high school. She’s a daydreamer and a romantic who is intrigued by the paranormal and loves to let her mind wander, always searching for a happily ever after ending to her dreams.

To her delight and constant amazement, her first book, IN MY WILDEST DREAMS was released April 16, 2013. Her desire for more grows constantly. She’s going to keep on writing, dreaming, and searching for those happy ending’s.


Twitter: @LarynnFord
Amazon Author Page:

Buy It Now!


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4 responses to “Spotlight On…Larynn Ford’s Rescued

  1. Larynn Ford

    July 29, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    Thanks for having me Rachel:) It was a lot of fun being here!!

    • Rachel Sharpe

      July 29, 2014 at 11:59 AM

      You’re so welcome! Glad to have you. 🙂

  2. Bethany Averie

    July 29, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    Fun interview, ladies! Best wishes to you, Larynn. 🙂


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