The Toughest Job

11 May

Jobs are a part of life. They are a requirement for survival. A necessary evil, so to speak. As such, very few people are offered thanks for doing a good job. And, while there are some careers, like teaching, where a person can visibly reap the benefits of a job well done, jobs are, for the most part, thankless in nature. Out of every job imaginable, there is one, however, that can be the most grueling, the toughest, the most thankless of them all.


This is a job where a person is always on call and by always, I mean ALWAYS – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. This is a job where there are no sick days offered, no vacation time to build up. It’s a job that is ongoing, never-ending, and most certainly, not “at will.” This is a job that takes everything and seemingly offers little in return.

This is the job of a mother.

If you were to speak to a financial advisor, he would most certainly tell you that there is little fiscal benefit to becoming a mother. In fact, the job actually costs a person – time, money, energy. If you were to look at motherhood like that, there would be no reason for anyone to take it on. Thankfully, motherhood is not measured in terms of dollars and cents. Motherhood is measured in terms of love.


Think back to your own mother. All those nights when you were sick, who stayed up with you? Every time you thought the world would end because of a bad break up, who reminded you tomorrow was a new day? Every time you scraped your knee, who kissed the pain away? Motherhood is not a job in the traditional sense. It is, instead, a vocation, and a difficult one at that. Yet, of all the jobs imaginable, there are none as rewarding as this.

To all the mothers out there, both the rookies and “seasoned veterans,” I would like to wish you a very happy mother’s day.

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