The Art of Language

17 Mar


Language. It is our most fundamental method of communication. We use it endlessly and seamlessly throughout the day, everyday, expressing our wants, our needs, and our desires. Language is needed for our survival and language barriers can create difficulties when a person is trying to express even the most basic of information. Without language connecting us to the outside world, we would be alone, strangers.

While there are many forms of language and all are important, for a writer, the three most basic forms, body, dialogue, and narrative, are essential to telling one’s story. It is often said that a writer must learn to write in all five senses in order to paint a literary picture for the reader. This is easier said than done. The most fluid manuscript, with the words and images conveyed flowing across the pages like a literary masterpiece, takes much effort.

Although language is a basic tool learned at a very young age, the art of language takes decades to master and like any muscle, constant use to maintain. The next time you’re reading something, be it an article, blog, novel, or short story, take time to appreciate the author’s artwork. A well-written work, like fine wine, deserves to be savored.

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