The Magic of Mystery

28 Jan

I have always been an avid reader. Ever since I can remember, I loved leaving the world behind to enter an exciting story. And, although I will gladly read any good story regardless of genre, mysteries have always been my personal preference.


It all started with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The idea that kids could solve crimes and save the day was very appealing to me and, while I have solved a few minor capers in my day, they paled in comparison to these pint-sized Sherlocks. So, like any kid with an active imagination, I invented my own cases to solve.

This is probably where the concept of Jordan James, the feisty, female private eye who is the main character in my novel, Cold Ambition, originated. Jordan is that girl who had a dream growing up and took a chance on that dream. She refused to be discouraged and her perseverance lands her her first case, a case that thrusts her in the midst of a suspense-filled international conspiracy.


One of my favorite aspects of a mystery novel is that it encourages critical thinking. A well-written mystery gives the reader clues throughout the novel and, at the very end, all those clues come together like literary puzzle pieces that solve the case.

Whether reading or writing, mysteries are thrilling. They allow the reader to become an active part of the story with the ability to solve a case before the novel’s conclusion, which is almost as rewarding as reading the novel itself. If you’ve never been a fan of mysteries or never taken a chance on one, try it. Allow yourself to become a part of the story. Allow yourself to become a part of the magic.

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One response to “The Magic of Mystery

  1. Joanne Guidoccio

    January 29, 2014 at 12:09 AM

    Hi Rachel, I especially like cozy mysteries. I agree that reading mysteries involves the reader, much more so than any other genre. And helps hone those problem solving abilities.


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